• Highlight: Adoptation of the latest block mill to ensure the stability of speed and quality

    Products size: Ø8-32mm, wire rod Ø5.5mm, Ø 6mm

    Engineering time: 2020

  • Highlight: Adoptation of top-level equipment to achieve high-quality products

    Product size:100*100mm~160*160*6000/12000mm billets

    Engineering time: 2015

  • Highlights: The FIRST successfully running high-speed wire rod production line in Ethiopia

    Products size: Rebar Ø8-32mm, wire rod Ø5.5mm, Ø 6mm

    Engineering time: 2013

  • Highlight: Adoptation of AB double-pass rolling process to make production hit a new high

    Products size : Rebar Ø8-32mm, wire rod Ø5.5mm, Ø 6mm

    Engineering time: 2013

  • Highlights: The first large integrated steel mill in northern Ethiopia with comprehensive products and high quality

    Products size: Wire rod Ø5.5-6mm, rebar Ø8-32mm

    Engineering time: 2018

  • Highlights: The FIRST H-beam plant in Sudan using universal mill stand to produce high-quality H-beam of different specifications

    Products size:  H-beam 120, 140, IPN 100, 80, 60, 40

    Angle 20,40,75, 100,125, 150

    Engineering time: 2010

  • Highlight: Enhancement of smelting flexibility and product quality

    Product size: 120x120mm, 130x130mm, 150 x150mm low carbon/alloy billet

    Engineering time: 2014

  • Highlights: Adaption of full continuous rolling mill with high-quality reducer and main motor to achieve high quality

    Products size: Wire rod Ø5.5-6mm, rebar Ø8-32mm              

    Engineering time: 2019

  • Highlight: Optimally reasonable process and compact layout

    Product size: channel steel 30mm~50mm, angle steel 50mm~100mm 

    Engineering time: 2016

  • Highlights: High-rigidity and short-stress line with the highest rolling speed reaching 14m/s

    Products size:  Rebar Ø8-32mm

    Engineering time: 2011

  • Highlight: High-precision products with great surface quality

    Product size: Wire rod Ø5.5mm~ø16mm

    Engineering time: 2016   


  • Highlight: Making the best use of self-owned rolling mill wastes as part of raw material to achieve self-cycle.

    Products size: 100*100~150*150mm* 3000mm square billet

    Engineering time: 2014