Power station

SME Group takes general contracting of all kinds of power plants with unit capacity of 250MW and below, such as the thermal power plant, gas-steam combined cycle power plant, gas power plant, gas turbine power plant, and waste heat power plant. We also provide engineering services for gas-steam turbine thermal power plant, diesel or gas thermal power plant, operation services, maintenance services and technology services.

SME Group provides the overall and integrated solutions and all-in-one engineering services for substation and distribution projects, including substation power system design, step-up substation, step-down substation and box-type transformer substation construction, that covers the voltages of 220kV,132kV, 110kV, 66kV, 35kV, 10kV and below, power distribution system design and construction, which covers 35kV and below (11kV, 6kV, 0.4kV).