When designing a steel plant, firstly CCM type shall give full consideration to the product process, product quality and project economic aspects. When the CCM works with electric
 Continuous casting process will turn steel liquid into billets, in CCM unit main process equipment or machines as following.1. Ladle support equipment In continuous cast
With the Great honor Shanghai Metallurgy Equipment Group become the qualified supplier of Baosteel since 2019. SME’s frequency converters have run stably for more than one year at
 Before living under peaceful life we always think war is far far away. However, it is not until we experienced the great retreat in Tigray state. We deeply feel the strength
The source of NitrogenNitrogen in steel is mainly inhaled and dissolved in the exposed process of steel.Electric furnace steelmaking, including secondary refining arc heating, acce
The source of oxygen There is a certain amount of oxygen in molten steel during steel smelting. Oxygen is supplied in the production process, because oxidation and the removal
The source of hydrogenThe main ways for hydrogen to enter the liquid steel are: through the rust on the scrap steel surface (xFeO•yFe3O4•2H2O); Hydrogen in ferroalloy; Water in car
Ladle furnace is mostly used in the refining of bearing steel, alloy structural steel, tool steel, spring steel, carbon steel and other steel types. Electric arc furnace, LF and CC
SME team overcome the impact of COVI-19 and are working hard to ensure the project'progress smoothly.  All projects are going ahead normally by the schedule. The rolling m
For the electric furnace steelmaking, ingredients is related to whether the melting can smoothly operate andcost of the production. The reasonable ingredients can shorten melting t