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No matter being new or experienced in the iron and steel industry, you shall not miss the innovative Quick Plant series, which brings easy start, maintenance and production.


Quick Plant, a brand-new minimill, is independently designed and developed by SME Group. It adopts advanced process and production technologies to achieve fast and smooth transition from scrap to finished products.


When launching this product, we took all practical needs and expectations of our customers into consideration.

Highlights of the series of minimill are:

Less investment

The Quick Plant can be started with very low investment;

Faster construction

Only 4 months or even shorter time is needed to construct the whole production line;

Lower threshold

Small land occupation (about 8,000sq.m.), low energy consumption and raw material (scrap) is easy to get;

Environmental care 

Pollution can be minimized by adopting our advanced technology and operation process;


With our rich production & management experience, even inexpert workers can operate independently in most positions within one month' training;


The production capacity can be easily expanded by duplicating.

Product specifications:

Rebar: φ8, φ10, φ12
Angle steel: 25×25×3~50×50×4

Processing equipment:

Induction furnace, CCM, reheating furnace, roughing mill, intermediate mill, finishing mill, shearing machine, cooling bed etc.

Auxiliary facilities:

Transformer, water system, crane, lubrication station etc.