Turn-key projects

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SME’s turn-key services begin with your first enquiry. As a general contractor, we take responsibility for every stage of the development process - from concept planning to plant start-up as well as after-sales service. We aim to make our customers sit back and focus on their daily businesses because our project management is based on extensive experience, which is the most crucial factor for successful turn-key projects.

After receiving your enquiry, we will establish a one-on-one team for your particular project. The said team is made up of a very experienced PM, adept engineers as well as skillful technicians; they translate your wishes into feasible requirements implemented by teams covering engineering and design, implementation process and plant construction to ensure that the project makes good progress. And the project team will act promptly to solve any possible problems you may meet with. By effectively interlinking our engineering and project management skills, our project managers and engineers are able to guarantee an on-time, on-budget performance and the smooth start-up of the plants.

Our turn-key projects by process are:

Steel making

Electric arc furnace production line

Induction furnace production line

Continuous casting production line

Hot rolling

Hot rolling section steel production line

Rebar production line

Round bar production line

Hot rolling plate production line (fully continuous, semi-continuous, Steckel mill rolling)

Cold rolling

Pickling production line

Cold rolling production line (reversible, fully continuous)

Galvanizing production line

Color-coating production line

Pipe production line

Seamless steel pipe production line.

(Assel pipe mill, 3-roll mandrel pipe mill, stretch reducing mill and finishing production line for pipe)

High frequency welding production line (HFW, ERW)

Included in the package are:

Project development

Project financing

Project planning

Project engineering

Project implementation

Supplier and project management

Project erection and commissioning

Instrumentation and control engineering

Project modification

Production support and management

The initial start-up of the equipment at the newly erected plant is the last but not the least challenging task before production.

Our onsite supporting team ensure that all system components are available for the process, and they are keen on achieving top quality of products of the new production line.

Quality management

Our quality management team practices strict examination and approval for civil design, engineering design, main process design and auxiliary design.

No matter the procurement of equipment or spare parts or cargo packing, erection and commissioning, the QC specialists will keep strict supervision to ensure the superior product quality and equipment performance through quality control system of SME Group.