SME Mekele operation Team withdraw from Tigray Region Successfully
2020-11-27 11:25:19


Before living under peaceful life we always think war is far far away. However, it is not until we experienced the great retreat in Tigray state. We deeply feel the strength of the motherland and compatriots of Embassy of China and Economic Counselor's Office in Ethiopia. 

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Background : our company Shanghai Metallurgy Equipment Group (SME Group) contracted with Mekelle company on 270,000TPA rebar & wire rod production line. This line is under smooth running. SME Group has 10 technical staff there, responsible for production works. 

On November 4th, due to the escalation of conflicts between Ethiopian Federal Government and Tigray State, all communications in Tigray State, including telephone, text messages, and Internet, were interrupted. The loss of communication between Addis Ababa and Tigray State lasted for 8 days. Employees of Chinese enterprises in Tigray State were trapped, including 12 employees of SME Group, and were unable to get in touch with our head office in Shanghai. We and their families were extremely anxious.

Under the coordination and organization of the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Ethiopia, Mekelle water supply project department of China Energy Engineering Group (Gezhouba Group) urgently cooperated with other enterprises in Tigray State through a satellite phone, and organized more than 60 vehicles to call for emergency evacuation of 300 Chinese there in Tigray State. 

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Luckily our 12 employees followed the emergency evacuation of the convoy and all arrived safely in Addis Ababa on November 12th.

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The entire evacuation journey was very long and dangerous. The Chinese Embassy in Ethiopia dispatched special personnel to coordinate all parties along the route. 377 Chinese stayed in an industrial park built by China Communications Construction Company (CCCC) in the capital of Afar on November 11th. The CCCC also provided warm lunch boxes, simple mosquito nets and mattresses for them.

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SME Group highly appreciates great contributions and all efforts made by the Embassy of China and Economic Counselor's Office in Ethiopia, and Chinese Chamber of Commerce!