Ladle Furnace
2020-9-7 16:49:33

Ladle furnace is mostly used in the refining of bearing steel, alloy structural steel, tool steel, spring steel, carbon steel and other steel types. Electric arc furnace, LF and CCM combine into a high efficiency short process production line with remarkable refining effect. The LF can refine the liquid with remarkable refining effect.  

Ladle furnace(LF) uses the electrode to heat and the liquid steel is stirred through permeable brick at the bottom. 


The primary functions of the LRF are as follows:


 The electric arc makes the temperature of molten metal rising.

 Ladle Furnace is used to raise the temperature of molten metal. 

2.  Argon stirring 

Bottom blowing argon stirring can make composition of the liquid uniform and pure.

3.  Adjusting ingredients

 Fine tuning alloy ingredients can meet the requirement of the composition of the liquid.

4.  Wire feeding 

 The wire feeding is a process to feed iron coated powder such as Ca-Si powder or directly feed aluminum wire and carbon wire into the ladle by wire feeder, that can be desulphurization, calcium treatment and fine-tuning of the composition of carbon and aluminum in steel.   

5.  Fume system 

Fume and dust removal system are reserved

6.  Good process linking 

The LF as a buffering between EAF and CCM can match with pace of processes, so this is good for continuous production.