Main ingredients in EAF Steelmaking process
2020-7-28 15:06:41

For the electric furnace steelmaking, ingredients is related to whether the melting can smoothly operate andcost of the production. The reasonable ingredients can shorten melting time. Firstly it should carefully calculate correctly and accurate weighing the charge, next the size of the charge should be marched proportionally. Thirdly various ingredients should meet the requirement of the process.    

The content of major elements at furnace burden is required as following:

1) Carbon content

Carbon distribution is determined according to the three factors of carbon loss in melting period, decarbonization in oxidation period and carbon increase in reduction period. When the charge is melted, the carbon content in steel is 0.3%~0.4% higher than the lower limit of finished product specification, but the carbon distribution can not be too high, otherwise it will prolong the oxidation time and overheat the molten steel.


2) Silicon content 

   The silicon content is generally not more than 0.8% of the charge, or will delay the boiling of molten  


3) Manganese content. 

   The Manganese can not be considered to general steel grade , usually the manganese content is less 

  than 0.3 after melting, otherwise it will delay the boiling of liquid. 

 It is better that the content of phosphorus and sulfur is lower The phosphorus content should be less than 0.05% after melting.