Production Management and Technical Services


SME Group provides one-stop solutions with production management services and technologies.

With the rapid development of China's steel industry in the past few decades, SME Group has accumulated a large number of adept engineering and technical personnel of the industry. And the long-term engineering practice in China and overseas has enabled the team to quickly adapt itself to sophisticated local situations in different areas of the world. We can efficiently coordinate the relations between the parties and rapidly organize production to create maximum economic value for customers.

Based on the ISO9001 quality standard system, principle of product cost management control system, professional procedure and operation documents, and testified by many years of successful on-site management experience, SME Group’s strong production management and technology team is at your service.

Steel companies operating management:

Compilation of management program files and operating documents
Establishment of production/sales management system
Establishment of cost management control system
Management skills training

Workshop production management:

New production line hot and cold commissioning
On-site HR support of key technical staff for the entire production line
Production training for local staff
Consulting, design and commissioning for the transformation of single equipment
Consulting, design and transformation for new technology application
Advisory for production planning, new product development, planning