SME turn-key rebar and wire rod production line creates much more than expected
2017-9-30 9:43:04

Project Name: Ethiopia Steely rebar and wire rod production lineProduct: Rebar Φ8mm ~ 32mm/ wire rod Φ5.5, Φ6mmProduction capacity: annual output of 180,000 tonsContract Type: Turn-keyKey factors:1.Advanced production technology and equipmentAdopting the full line continuous rolling process can ensure that the products meet high quality requirements;Using bar-wire combo production technology can diversify product types and specifications to quickly capture the market, while saving more than one-third of investment.Rebar finishing rolling mills are equipped with automatic loop, and in the roughing mills and intermediate mills the micro-tension rolling is utilized, so that the dimensional accuracy of the products is ensured.Complete TMT equipment is adopted, so that the heat treatment of rebar products can be performed online to increase the strength level of reinforcing steel without adding alloying elements.Wire rod block mill unit is equipped with 6 stands of 45° top cross non-twist finishing mills. The unit has the advantages such as light weight, small vibration and easy operation, and therefore can improve the product accuracy and ensure the product quality; the maximum rolling speed is up to 35m/s.The wire rod production line adopts large volume cold strong delayed bulk coil cooling transport line, with a thermal insulation hood which can be opened or closed to conduct forced cooling sorbite body treatment or slow cooling respectively, and the use of multiple drop-off can eliminate the overlap between the coil hotspot measures to improve the uniformity of wire performance.2.Highly incorporated computer control systemsAutomation is realized by the use of basic automation and process management computer control system. The control is clear and reliable. Network connection via Ethernet TCP / IP protocol enables remote control.The basic automation system has comprehensive control range. It starts from the feeding roller table of the heating furnace and covers the process from rolling, shearing and cooling until the collecting and bundling of finished products. Hydraulic and lubrication systems are also within the system control range.Process management level computer system helps monitoring and managing the entire production line. The duties of the system consist of production process monitoring, sales and production planning management, product yield management, the making and printing of production reports, production discontinuation reporting, equipment maintenance planning management, quality control data monitoring and reporting, fault protection monitoring, real-time fault alarm, recording and print management, and etc.3.Increasing competence of the customerIt costs a total duration of one and a half years from the signing of contract to the successful production, which is 100% faster than that of any production line in the same area. As a result, the customer becomes Ethiopia's first successful operating high-speed wire rod production plant, and the products quickly occupy the market and make money. This new factory gives the company considerable leverage in local industry and brings it very positive social impact.4.Continuous support with customized production management serviceGiven the good partnership between the customer and SME Group, both parties agree on a customized, comprehensive factory production management service. The package includes sales and production planning management, production planning and control, new product development and manufacturing, product quality process control, equipment overhaul and maintenance, skills training for local technical personnel, consulting for production technology.By adopting our production optimization technology and taking technical training designed for the local staff, the production efficiency is increased by more than 10%.