Highlights of Xi’s 19th CPC Congress Report
2017-10-18 5:06:09

General Secretary Xi has delivered report to the 19th National Congress on Wednesday. There are two strategic judgments pointed out in Xi’s report: "that socialism with Chinese characteristics has now entered a new era, and that the principal contradiction in society is between people's ever-growing needs for a better life and unbalanced, inadequate development.ut as the report stated, the designation of a new era does not change the judgment that China remains in the "primary stage" of socialism with Chinese characteristics, nor change the reality of it being a developing country.And it revealed the essential truth that the CPC remains focused on development. From the judgments made and policy initiatives proposed, the report bears testament to the Party's longstanding conviction that development is the key to all the problems the country faces.Thus, attributing the historic achievements made in nation-building to the CPC's strong, efficient leadership, the report prioritized strengthening the Party's leadership "in all undertakings".Judging from the CPC's confidence in the path it has taken, as well as its resolve to continue refining its governance mechanisms and capabilities, there is no reason not to be optimistic about the country's future. (Source from National Newspaper - China Daily)