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Give new life to iron & steel With SME products


Shanghai Metallurgy Equipment Group (hereinafter referred as SME) was established on 2008, it is specialized in metallurgy industry with products and services range from mining, melting and rolling. SME provides complete set of metallurgical equipment, EPC and production management for steel production project, which covers manufacturing all kinds of equipment and construction for series of steelmaking processes, including mining, ironmaking, steelmaking, rolling (steel plate, pipe, wire rod and cold rolling) , as well as customized production management. Based on great metallurgical resource integration power and excellent team. SME grows rapidly since its establishment, with the expansion of business, several specialized subsidiaries have been set from 2014 for coordinated development.

With remarkable achievement in metallurgical engineering, SME has grown into an internationally famous supplier on EPC and production management for middle and small steel production project.

Based on the solid steel industry, strong manufacturing power in China and rich experience in metallurgical field, SME developed a new small-middle steel/iron production line, which is more adaptable, manageable, cost-effective and standardized. This new kind of steel production line integrates the most advanced metallurgy technology and Chinese innovation into traditional iron & steel industry, it will provide you the most efficient way to make iron and steel with high quality (the so-called Chinese speed).



Strong capacity to provide customer with complete set of equipment for all the iron & steel making processes or EPC.

Whole process:
        By undertaking or participating in so many iron & steel making projects of different companies at home and abroad, which including blast furnace, converter, electric furnace, CCM, medium plate plant, section steel plant, rebar & wire rod plant, cold rolling production line, pipe production line etc., SME has become a world leading company in complete set of metallurgical equipment supplying and production management service, especially in Central Asia, Africa, South and North America.

        SME focus on metallurgical equipment manufacturing, EPC of metallurgical engineering, complete set of metallurgical equipment exporting, can not only  provide advanced and reliable equipment, but also the production & operation management services as per customers’ requirements at the same time, which includes project design, manufacturing, construction, production and operation, to save customers’ troubles.

Unique products & services

Unique products & services: SME holds the idea of “Give New Life To Iron & Steel With SME Products” as its mission. By studying the rich and ripe experience on metallurgical industry in China, SME launched the product called “Quick Plant” based on specific construction conditions and market demands of countries in different development stages. The Quick Plant series are developed by SME independently, which are standardized and easy to operate, can provide customers proper solutions based on different investment budgets and market demands. Major advantages of this product as follows:


Standardized operation and easy to manage

High-tech: the Quick Plant product is developed by integrating the strong supporting capacity of China, studying the rich iron & steel production experience of China and adopting the standardized operation procedures.


Self-owned product with independent R & D



Highly specialized team with strong capacity on resource integration

SME is equipped with professional teams on project designing, equipment supporting, costruction & installation, business operation and production management. Members of SME team are all of rich experience, professional knowledge and strong ability on industry resource integration. All technical experts in SME team have worked in related industry over 10 years, engineers at senior-consultant level with more than 20 years’ working experience account for 40%, most of them have working experiences on overseas projects.


Great overseas investment capacity & investment team

SME Group investment Co., Ltd as a subsidiary of Shanghai Metallurgy Equipment Group, was founded in 2013, with registered capital of 90 million RMB, which is the first list of registered enterprises in China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone.

The company is engaged in project investment covering iron,steel, paper, cement, minerals and other industries at home and abroad. Relying on group's advantages in metallurgical technology, human resources and capital, the iron and steel industry has became main foreign investment field currently, as well as rich experience of equipment and technology completing. As of 2017, the company has invested and operated multiple steel manufacturing projects in Africa, South Asia, Southeast Asia and South America individually and jointly. The product including billet, rebar, wire rod, small section steel, pipe and so on. During this period, the company has accumulated a large number of overseas investment and management experience.

The company adheres to the concept of "all win, all development" , Realizing stable investment benefit while improving and upgrading local  industrial structure, creating jobs, increasing financial revenue, saving foreign reserve.

According to the countries’ actual national conditions, resource  and market conditions along with "The Belt and Road”. Combining with Chinese high-quality and cost-effective equipment. The company has developed and launched a series of project, which is named “Quick plant”. Based on local investment capacity and market conditions, constructing proportional scale of steel manufacturing projects. Sincerely welcome local entrepreneurs with integrity, have strength and interest in investing and collaborating , and participate in the project development, construction and production operations.